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Opinyon: Isyung pangkalakalan ng Tsina at Amerika, nagbubunyag ng pagkamaramot ni Donald Trump

(GMT+08:00) 2019-05-26 15:20:08       CRI

Selfishness and arrogance were the inner driving forces of Donald Trump's calculated attack on China, by imposing a ban on the Chinese telecom giant, Huawei. The move was not a surprise, but a disappointment to all genuine forward-thinking people across the world.

Understandably the United States seems to be underrating China's capacity and influence in the field of global trade, especially in the area of technology. It goes to say that China as the second largest economy in the world has an independent right and possibility of attaining world economic superpower, even though that may be a headache to President Trump.

Therefore it is only wise and better for Trump to recall the U.S. side of the bargain on the already staged trade battle with China in the interest of both countries and others that may be affected by the consequences.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to the media prior to departing on Marine One from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, May 20, 2019. /VCG Photo

The outrageous and slippery move by the most tough-talking president the U.S. ever had is driving not only the U.S. but also the entire globe to unnecessary economic trouble. Trump simply fears the unstoppable and rising Chinese economy characterized by cutting-edge technologies that suit the modern life.

Unless the so-called trade war is lowered down to the negotiating table, it could serve as a direct test as to how both countries would realize and appreciate each other's importance.

To my notice, so far no country around the world has subscribed to Donald Trump's espionage allegations against Chinese telecom giant Huawei over its 5G technology. In fact, the advent of the 5G network has been welcomed by powerful economies in Europe including the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. This also indicates that China is nearing to become the world's economic superpower.

In Africa, where countries are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to win-win cooperation with China, fighting China in all forms is logically inconceivable.

In a separate but similar attack, President Trump in his usual tweets said the imposed tariffs on Chinese goods will pump more money into the U.S. Treasury. However, this claim doesn't necessarily reflect the true picture of the matter. Ironically U.S. consumers will be affected directly or indirectly considering the high demand for Chinese products.

The suspension of Huawei's use of the Android system and Google's affiliated platforms (Gmail, Youtube, Google Play) will affect Huawei smartphone and tablet users outside China. However, Huawei could still survive with possible alternatives as a leading technology firm.

Notwithstanding, China also has the possibility of suspending the use of Apple products and Google services for over one billion Chinese smartphone users in retaliation, and the difference will be there for everyone to see.

Media reports that the U.S. is considering sanctions on Chinese video surveillance companies including Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. May 22, 2019. /VCG Photo

The Google suspension is already under the microscope of the Chinese government. The spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry Lu Kang said Monday that China will strongly back its companies throughout the ban period.

"China supports Chinese enterprises' defense of their legitimate rights through legal means."

China believes and has sent a clear message that negotiations with the U.S. must be based on "mutual respect."

The U.S ban on Huawei is even seen to have contravened one of the top general agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It was agreed under this institution that countries cannot discriminate between their trade partners by imposing tariffs in favor of their own products.

The Trump administration out of selfishness and arrogance tends to turn a blind eye on global trade agreements. The U.S. leader seems to be an enemy of progress, especially towards China being the second largest economy in the world. This was not supposed to be the position of the U.S. as a superpower that could have paved the way for greater global economic growth rather than creating rivalry on baseless grounds.

Interestingly and unfortunately for Trump, U.S. consumers will also suffer from the threatening trade tensions. On the other hand, life continues for Huawei as the company assured its customers that the ban will have little impact and that production and update systems will still be available without Google. The company's top executives also stated that an independent operating system will be created to this end, citing the capacity to do so in the near future.

Given the fact that the U.S. launched a trade war that will affect both countries and beyond, it is absolutely important to address the issues promptly. China has since put on its thinking cap and could realize every attempt of threatening its development efforts. When Apple led the 4G there was no trade war whatsoever, why would there be a trade dispute over Huawei's 5G? This is a worthy question. The Asian nation, despite its large population of 1.4 billion, has emerged as a leader of 5G, the newest and fastest communication services discovered in the 21st Century.

As the global trade remains at risk of the consequences of the trade battle between the world's two largest economies, it is better to resolve the matter once and for all.

(Source: CGTN)

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