(Video) Lampel Solis, ibinahagi ang kahalagahan ng Mindfulness sa panahon ng COVID-19 pandemic

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Good day to all my fellow Filipinos! How are you doing lately?

My name is Lampel Joy Dulnuan Solis. I've been living in China for already 10 years. I have been in self-isolation for already two months since January.

Allow me to share with you my personal experience in how I found a Mindful Family during this time of isolation. I was then very scared because I never had this experience before and I didn't know what's going to happen. So I joined this online group initiated by Beijing Mindfulness Group.

Every night, we had this space wherein anyone can share what is alive to them. It is incredible that every night I listened to other people's problems.  I realized that through their problems I saw my own insecurities, fear, and anxieties. These difficulties had been validated and embraced by each and every one of us with deep understanding, compassion, and love. This connection that I felt transformed this group of strangers from all around the world and all walks of life into social entity. The feeling of acceptance of others and of oneself. That we all are beautiful human beings. We did have our share of tears and laughter. Now, because of COVID19 I have this MINDFUL Family. How we are coming out of this isolation as better human beings. As together, we did walk through COVID19 with our abundant gift of life and shared humanity. What has been difficult has been facing my own Fear. My battle to liberate myself from self-sabotaging thoughts. As living on my own and being isolated I have no one to blame to my short-comings and frustrations. COVID19 left me nothing but to face myself. To take responsibility of my own actions, reactions, emotions, and decisions. I had seen this vividly as I am no longer preoccupied with other things. It has been a long journey from my mind to heart. To love myself and see that I am enough!

Today, April 4, 2020 at 10 AM in China, we had the National Mourning for the martyrs and victims who died in the fight against Corona Virus Outbreak.  We did have 3 minutes of solidarity with the sound of sirens all over the country. By the time I heard the siren, I had burst of tears of deep sadness. My heart is breaking that I had to witness this in China and now witness it with my country, the Philippines and across countries around the world.

May you now feel safe and protected, may you now feel healthy and strong, you may now find peace in this difficult situation.

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