Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines

2024-04-18 14:09:28  Chinese Embassy in the Philippines
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Q: According to media reports, Philippine Congressman Joseph Lara recently submits a resolution to the Philippine House of Representatives, noting “an alarming increase in the number of Chinese citizens coming into the province of Cagayan as students enrolled in the various higher education institutions from the past to the current year.” Disclaiming his opposition to having foreign students, the Congressman says his fear is the Philippines’ issue with China. Given the maritime dispute and the “strategic geographical location” of Cagayan, the influx of Chinese students “poses serious concern to the national security” of the country, says Mr. Lara. What is the Embassy’s comment?

A: China and the Philippines enjoy geographic proximity, strong cultural ties and affinity between the two peoples. Cultural and people-to-people exchanges have always been the most enduring and dynamic component of China-Philippines relations. As a result, we have seen, in recent years, our educational exchanges and cooperation growing fast, supporting a deeper mutual understanding between our two peoples and promoting mutually beneficial cooperation and exchanges between our two countries. However, individual Philippine politicians are hyping up China-Philippines maritime issues and exaggerating the maritime differences in the name of national security to serve their political agenda and self-interest and undermine China-Philippines cooperation. The unfounded accusation of our educational exchanges is yet another malicious sleight of hand to incite suspicion and hatred of China. Insightful people in the Philippines have not lost sight of this tendency by calling it “McCarthyism” resurrecting in the Philippines. This deserves high vigilance and must be resolutely opposed.