Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian’s Remarks on Statement issued by Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs

2024-04-20 18:16:12  CMG
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Global Times: It’s reported that the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs issued the Statement in Response to Chinese Statement on the PH-JP-US Trilateral Summit. It said that the trilateral cooperation is a partnership and a cooperative framework for the promotion of peace, stability and economic prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region. It should not be considered a threat by any peace-loving country. China’s unwarranted references to the Cold War misrepresent the peaceful purpose of the trilateral cooperation. China should reflect upon its actions in the South China Sea, observe international law and promote regional peace and stability. What’s China’s comments?


Lin Jian: China has made its position clear on the trilateral summit between the US, Japan and the Philippines. What’s the true purpose of the summit? Are they seeking regional peace and cooperation or engaging in group politics and forming exclusive groupings? The people are not blind. The Philippine statement in response to China’s stance on the PH-JP-US summit has little truth in it. It says nothing about what truly caused the problem, but tries to make the Philippines look like the victim and blame China. It’s the Philippines who should reflect on its own actions.


China’s position on the South China Sea is consistent and clear. Over the past few months, maritime disputes between China and the Philippines have heated up. The root cause is the Philippines’ breach of its commitments, frequent provocations and infringement on China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. The Philippines has even attempted to get forces outside the region on board to embolden itself and put pressure on China. No provocation or coercion will deter China from safeguarding its sovereignty and rights and interests.


The Philippines needs to know that it will not get its way by leaning on the US. The only path to a peaceful and stable region lies in commitment to good-neighborliness, returning to dialogue and consultation and maintaining strategic independence.