China opposes U.S. deployment of medium-range ballistic missiles in Asia-Pacific

2024-04-19 14:53:06  CMG
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Global Times: US Army Pacific announced a few days ago that the US has deployed the Mid-Range Capability missile system, also known as Typhon, to Luzon, the Philippines, as part of their joint military exercise. This is the first time that the US deployed a land-based, ground-launched system after it withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Comments say that the US’s move is aimed at deterring China. What is China’s response?

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: China noted the announcement and expresses grave concern over the move. China strongly opposes the US deploying medium-range ballistic missiles in the Asia-Pacific and strengthening forward deployment at China’s doorstep to seek unilateral military advantage. The US’s move exacerbates tensions in the region and increases the risk of misjudgment and miscalculation. We urge the US to earnestly respect other countries’ security concerns, stop stoking military confrontation, stop undermining peace and stability in the region, and take concrete actions to reduce strategic risks. The Philippines needs to see and be mindful of what the US is truly after and the consequence of going along with the US on deploying MRBMs. The Philippines needs to think twice about being a cat’s paw for the US at the expense of its own security interests, and stop sliding down the wrong path.